#2022 Happy Dhanteras Puja/Pooja Vidhi Shubh Muhurat Timings Wishes Whatsapp Status Dp

How is it celebrated: In addition to metals, people also buy new utensils. Colorful and intricate rangoli designs are drawn at the entrance of houses and offices to welcome Lakshmi goddess of wealth, prosperity and good luck. Commonly using vermillion powder and rice flour, small footprints are made to signify the glorious arrival of the goddess.

Numerous lovers perform Lakshmi puja on this day at night. They sing reverential tones and acclaims to and adore Lakshmi, and light little diyas in the house to avoid wrongs.

Seven grains including wheat, urad dal, moong dal, gram, grain, and masoor dal are utilized while performing puja. In a custom known as Yamadeepdan, individuals love Lord Yama by lighting lights for the whole night. As indicated by mythology.

It was anticipated that King Hima’s child will kick the bucket because of the snake-chomp of the fourth night of his marriage. After knowing this, the sovereign’s better half on the said night took all her gold adornments and coins and put them in a store.

She then began singing resonant tunes. At the point when Yamaraj came as a serpent to slaughter the sovereign, he was blinded by the sparkle of the gold and sweet voice and sat stunned, subsequently not executing the ruler. Most likely, this is the reason individuals think of it as a harbinger of good fortunes to put resources into gold on this day.


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