Brooklyn Father Tommy Bailey Stabbed To Death In Brooklyn Subway While Riding

Brooklyn Father Tommy Bailey Stabbed To Death In Brooklyn Subway While Riding:- A terrible incident happened with Tommy Bailey who was just 43 years old, and he was the father and husband of someone who was stabbed to death in Brooklyn. He was the man of his word and always help other people and this time taking a stand for the right thing killed him. As per the information, when he driving he saw that two people are harassing a police female officer and when he came to save her the other person was filled with weapons and he made his sharp object and stabbed him. Let’s have a look at this news to know more about this.

He was just 43 years old and he was the husband and also a father of three young kids who are all under 10. He had always taken the side of the right things and he had always stood for the right things. He was a businessman who had one business and he was the hero for her kids and wife who passed away recently. People said that he lived his life without any fear and did everything to make his family happy.

Today, this morning he went outside and saw two personas harassing a police officer when he stooped there and asked what the matter so then the man gets angry and they say that this is not his matter and when he slapped them they bring a weapon with a sharp object and killed him stabbing it. He was bleeding badly and when the other officers took him to the hospital he died on the way. His family called on the spot and when the young kids see their father they cried and this was so heartbreaking for them.

So, yes the person who killed this man is now arrested by the Police and he is identified as Alvin Charles who is responsible for this murder. He will be charged with first-degree murder and assault charges. He then requested bail for 450,000 bails and the NY judge rejected that and said that he will walk free for months. His obituary details are not shared by his family and when we get some update son the same we will surely share it with you. We express or thoughts with his family and May Tommy Bailey Rest In peace.


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