Burnaby RCMP Officer Shaelyn Yang Stabbed To Killed While Serving To Community

Burnaby RCMP Officer Shaelyn Yang Stabbed To Killed While Serving To Community:- An RCMP officer Shaelyn Yang who was just 31 years old was brutally killed by stabbing in British Columbia. She was the constable and his death news was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner named Dwayne McDonald. This news was first shared by the Canadian Press and they published this news on 19th October. He said that she was killed by a homeless man and later she was taken to give medical aid but can’t survive. So, let’s know more about this news in the next section that what exactly happened with this constable.

So, she was just 31 years old and she was the RCMP constable who worked for the people’s mental health and homeless team. As per reports that she was partnered with a city employee and she was so good that she reached this position after doing a lot of hard work. She was from a middle-class family who had seen some dreams as she want to help people. Her family details are not shared by the officers as this is not good to share them publically. We are collecting more information about her and we will surely update you.

As said RCMP Commander Graham Gorgendire that she worked for the Police mental health and also a homeless team and she was partnered with an employee of the city with whom she had a heated argument later when the argument increased the other man bring the weapon with him and he stabbed her and she started bleeding and later she was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead. Doctors said that he stabbed her two times one in her back and the other in her stomach and her intestines were torn by this and they can’t save her.

After knowing about this shocking news people give her tribute and the Public Safety Minister said that thousands of officers went out for our safety later we came to hear this news and this is the worst news. Other officers also give her tribute and her funeral details are not shared by the family and till now there are no updates. We give our deepest thoughts to the family and may Shaelyn Yang’s soul get to rest in peace.


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