General Hospital Spoilers August 29, 2022 Through September 9, 2022


] has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, August 29, to Friday, September 9. Finn is thankful to have someone in his corner, Ned worries about Brook Lynn’s beau, two major Port Charles players butt heads, and Selina takes a meeting which could have major implications down the line!

General Hospital spoilers week of August 29:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, August 29:

Dex and Joss rush to save Ava

In today’s recap, Dex and Joss work together to save Ava’s life, Liz has another episode and loses more time, and Britt slaps Cody after he kisses her.

Mac and Felicia wind up on the same page as they come to a mutual realization.

Joss and Ava have a complex relationship, given that the teen’s mom isn’t the gallery owner’s biggest fan. But how will Joss react when she finds the older woman in need of help?

Sonny has had just about enough of the way his family treats Nina. But is there really anything he can do to change them?

Perhaps because of their long and complicated history, Elizabeth finds herself able to open up to Nikolas in a way she might not be able to with others.

Cody and Britt (aka the soon-to-depart Kelly Thiebaud) are about to get in one another’s faces. But will it result in exchanging kisses or insults?

We don’t particularly think of them as pals, but Finn takes it upon himself to offer Spencer a bit of advice.

Yellowstone photos: Their on-screen romances may light up the Montana skies, but off screen, the sun rises and sets on the stars’ real-life loves. Meet the partners that are saddled up with some of your favorite stars!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 30:

Nikolas visits Ava GH

In today’s recap, Ava is in stable but serious condition after surgery, Nikolas visits her and makes a cryptic statement, and Liz freezes when Jordan asks where she was during the time of the attack.

Shocker! Chicago PD Season 10: Who’s leaving, who’s staying, and who may end up in a legal battle.

Given everything that went down during the Quartermaine picnic, it’s not really surprising that the town is still reeling the morning after. Look for this to be a big topic of conversation in the days to come!

Josslyn is still trying to process what went down. Having been through a terrifying situation or two herself over the years, Carly is there to help her daughter process things.

Finn and Elizabeth have had… let’s be kind and call them “issues.” Now, they’re about to sit down and try to talk them through. Good luck, kids!

Brook Lynn is questioned by the police about what went down in the park. After doing her time in the hot seat, she puts Drew there so she can grill him about his true feelings for his “friend” Carly.

Victor and Spencer circle one another warily, each throwing accusations at the other during a confrontation.

When Sonny is in need of comforting, Nina is there for him.

As “Sante” reaches a major crossroads, Dominic Zamprogna presses “paws” for a blissful afternoon with his girls.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, August 31:

Trina mentions name Ava reacts GH

In today’s recap, a certain name triggers a reaction from Ava, Anna is close to learning what Victor holds over Valentin, and Nikolas provides Liz with a shaky alibi.

Bittersweet farewell! Chicago PD star reacts to shocking co-star exit — plus, what may be ahead for Hailey Upton.

Trina may have been exonerated by the jury, but that doesn’t mean her problems are gone. In fact, she’s now anxiously awaiting other news!

When Anna comes to an important conclusion, will it impact her future with Valentin? Speaking of the handsome Cassadine, he has a few pointed words for Lucy!

Finn isn’t so sure Nikolas’ motives are on the up-and-up. Might the doctor be wondering if old feelings are bubbling to the surface in Elizabeth’s ex-lover?

Things remain rocky between Sasha and Brando. Can these crazy kids find their way back to a loving place?

Hallmark’s Sunday Chesapeake Shores preview: Drastic measures are taken as [spoiler] teeters on the edge — plus, one brother has exciting news while the other realizes he’s in over his head.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 1:

Valentin breaks down GH

In today’s recap, Ava wakes up to a face which frightens her, Valentin comes clean with Anna about Charlotte, and Liz tells Finn about her puzzling memory.

In recent weeks, Elizabeth has often pushed Finn away rather than let him help. But today, she actually opens up and confides in him.

Anna and Valentin strike a bargain. (Here’s hoping it is one which will allow them to continue their swoon-worthy romance!)

Drew needs someone to talk to, and Curtis is there for him. Meanwhile, Carly begins to second-guess her recent decision.

Victor finds himself having to answer questions put to him by Jordan. Or perhaps we should say he finds himself trying to avoid answering those questions!

Alum Briana Nicole Henry (ex-Jordan) shares too-sweet photos of the six-month-old who’s made life “more beautiful, chaotic, messy, terrifying and full of purpose.”

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 2:

Spencer has nightmare about Esme

In today’s recap, before heading to prison, a nightmare prompts Spencer to put his feelings down on paper, and Sonny catches Ava and Nina huddled in a secret conversation.

Are there fractures developing in the romance between Nina and Sonny? We may find out when he demands answers of his girlfriend!

Is Spencer’s nightmare a vision of things to come?

Josslyn is about to do something that will definitely catch Cameron off guard! (Does it have anything to do with the obvious sparks flying between her and Dex? Might she be why the poor guy winds up feeling disappointed today?)

When Willow makes a big decision, will she actually share it with Michael? Or is it the beginning of the end for their relationship?

Nicholas Alexander Chavez reveals how he’s doing as Spencer’s plunged into hell.

Yellowstone shocker: [Spoiler] returning in Season 5 — plus, view a massive gallery filled with photos from the last four seasons and the storylines that kept us tuning in each week!

General Hospital spoilers week of September 5:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, September 5:

With the trial behind them, Trina and her loved ones get ready to celebrate. Will the party thrown by Portia and Curtis go off without a hitch?

When Sasha gets bad news, will it send her into another dangerous spiral?

Brook Lynn has been known to push boundaries on occasion, so what causes Chase to say that she’s gone too far?

TJ doesn’t even realize that he’s providing Jordan with a clue which could prove extremely helpful.

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan) is sent an impossible-to-ignore message — and wait till you see from whom!

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 6:

Sonny makes Taggert an offer he can’t refuse. Oh, wait… our bad. Because as it turns out, Taggert does exactly that! 

Cameron’s planning a special surprise for Josslyn.

They say you can never outrun your past, and Nina is about to face hers. But given just how complicated hers is, which particular aspect is coming back to haunt her?

Will Stella grant Portia and Curtis’ very special request?

Is there more to Willow’s dark nightmare than meets the eye?

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, September 7:

Everything’s coming up roses for Sam and Dante, who find themselves with an awful lot to celebrate. (Of course, having watched soaps for a long time, we realize this could mean trouble is headed their way!)

Felicia’s spent time thinking over a particular puzzle, and she’s come up with a theory.

Having Cassadine blood running through her veins, Alexis is able to see right through Valentin! Meanwhile, Lucy could be getting in over her head as Victor flirts with her.

When Anna asks Robert for help, it’s hard to imagine him turning her down, given all they share.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, September 8:

It’s a battle of the titans as Sonny and Victor butt heads.

Will Britt be forthcoming when Maxie says that she wants answers, pronto?

As always, Felicia is Mac’s strongest supporter, offering him words of encouragement.

Jordan is more than simply a boss to Rory, explaining why he turns to her for advice. Meanwhile, Trina proves to have really, really bad timing.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, September 9:

Who will be on the receiving end of the bad news Stella has to deliver?

Does Ned perhaps see a bit of himself in Chase, and might that be why he’s concerned about Brook Lynn’s relationship with the singing cop?

Nikolas might want to listen when Sonny shares his suspicions.

They haven’t always had the best of relationships, But Finn takes a moment to thank dad Gregory for being in his corner.

Talk about two people who could cause a whole lotta trouble together: Cody meets with Selina to make a proposition. Will she take him up on it, or perhaps see him as more trouble than he’s worth?

Ahead of Nelle’s return, revisit the she-devil’s litany of sins in the brand-new photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta

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