I’m A Celebrity Star Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela Split? What Happened Between Them? Cause Explained!

I’m A Celebrity Star Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela Split? What Happened Between Them? Cause Explained!:- A number of stories and speculations are being made about the relationship between Scarlette Douglas and Lyndrik Xela. According to the ongoing social media rumors, the star of I’m a celebrity has split up from her boyfriend Lyndrik Xela. Currently, this story is buzzing on social media and netizens are also curious to learn if this news is true or not. If true then what is the cause of their separation? Why I’M A Celebrity star Scarlette Douglas broke up with her lover Lyndrik Xela? A number of questions are yet to answer. In the further given sections, we have answered every imperative query. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article for more details.

Scarlette Douglas is a renowned television personality who hosted numerous shows like A Place In The Sun which she left recently in August. The reason for quitting A Place In The Sun was Channel 4’s new series titled Worst House In The Street. And the news of her breakup from her lover Lyndrik Xela came after two years of romance. Yes, the ongoing discussion about Lyndrik Xela and Scarlette Douglas’s breakup is true. They have been split up. In addition, Scarlette also has given a statement to address the reason for their breakup. Scroll down the page and read what she said.

Reportedly, I’m A Celebrity star Scalette Douglas gave reason for this, “They split up quietly early this year—it was difficult with her schedule and his work. She was upset when it first happened, but she is doing okay now and is looking forward to her I’m A Celeb journey.” She continued, “But it’s a bit tricky going away because I’m leaving him at home and he’s doing his thing and I’m away. My hours can be crazy sometimes so I guess that’s what’s hard. We’ve been together since the first lockdown, and we’ve known each other for years, but we’ve only recently been together.”

While an insider claimed that she has what it takes to become a big household name like Joel Dommett and Stacey Solomon after her time in the Jungle. She has shown to be a hit amongst audiences following her property show’s success. “There is no doubt that she will be inundated with offers for more telly gigs”


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