Mother, Tara Book and Daughter, Brittany Buras Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide, Autopsy Confirmed

Mother, Tara Book and Daughter, Brittany Buras Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide, Autopsy Confirmed:- A terrible and shocking took place in  Mandeville where a daughter and a mother killed the mother himself killed her daughter and later killed herself this incident has numbed the neighbours and police too. This news has gone viral and people want to know what actually happened with these two and what is the reason that the mother decide to take this step. below, we have shared some details on this case so you can get a glimpse of the same. The family of her also shocked after knowing about this and for now, the police are investigating this case.

The mother who killed her daughter is identified as Tara Book and her daughter’s name was Brittany Buras. So, they both lived in Mandeville in the 700 block of lane street and the officer received a call from Tara she told the police that she had killed her daughter and now she will kill herself shortly she didn’t share the cause of her death and later when the police reached to the location they both were found dead inside their house.

So, when the police received the call from Tara but still she didn’t share the cause and when they visited the place they saw the dead body and the cause if this had not been identified. The motive behind this incident is not clear and police are trying to find the evidence but still, there is none they had requested people or her to know if anyone has any information related to this we will surely update you. The neighbours also said that she was the best mother and why she did this and we mentioned the tributes.

The family members are shocked and they said that this is unbelievable news as they can’t believe this, she was the best mother anyone could have and she did this with her and her daughter. They said this is something serious and maybe someone threatened her or anything and there are many assumptions coming out from their neighbour and family but the proper cause is not identified. We give our deepest thoughts to the family and may both soul gets Rest In Peace.


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