Princeton University Student Misrach Ewunetie Found Dead In Campus After Went Missing

Princeton University Student Misrach Ewunetie Found Dead In Campus After Went Missing:- A student of Princeton University named Misrach Ewunetie was found dead on the campus itself. A week before her missing complaint was registered by the family and after a week her dead body was found on the campus which shocked the people and the campus students. She was last seen on Friday near the hall of Scully on the New Jersey Campus as said by the University. This news has been shared by the family after which the students of the campus, her friends and her family want to know the name of the culprit who did this to her. So, below we have shared this in detail.

As per the information, a student of Princeton University was found dead on campus after her missing complaint was registered. Her dead body was found by the teacher behind the tennis court and told to the officials.  Her roommates said they saw her at home at 3 AM but when her roommate comes she was not there. On the next day, she had an interview for 45 minutes which is away from U.S citizenship and her brother asked if something happened to her that time only as she didn’t show up there.

The next Sunday none of the messages was not delivering and none of the calls was sent to her phone was last seen far away from the campus and Law enforcement said that they searched her with the help of helicopters and drones. Her death is now suspenseful and no one knows who brings her dead body there her family is shattered and her brother wrote that he loved her because he was studying so hard and her death of cause is not revealed as some say it is a planned murder and he should be caught.

The governor tweeted they are heartbroken by the news that the student who was missing was found dead on the campus and their hearts go to the family and fellow students and the people who knew her. Other students of the University also gave her tribute and her family has not released any funeral as her body is now at post mortem when the family will schedule the funeral for her we will surely update you. We give our deepest condolences to the family.


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