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The Best Adsense Alternative You Need to Know Right Now

Bloggers frequently underestimate how effective display ad networks can be when properly optimized and working with the right ad networks. Most bloggers are currently focused on creating more content and increasing traffic to their websites in order to increase revenue. They mostly use tricks like high CPC keywords and/or traffic from Tier 1 countries. To be honest, these methods may still work, but what if you simply optimized the existing ad placements on your website, potentially increasing revenue for the same set of visitors, or improving the RPM (rate per mile or revenue for every 1000 visits in simple terms)?

Well, Google Adsense may seem the best option to monetise your website, but what if you actually don’t test the other ad networks yourself on your website? You would never know if you could have generate better ad revenues at all. Therefore today what we have here is ‘Best Adsense Alternatives That You Should Try in 2023’


Ezoic is arguably one of the best options Bloggers can look into while having little to know knowledge about how Ad Networks work. Ezoic offers to bring various popular ad networks, as ads aggregator, under a umbrella and they can be best ones when you want to earn more from Google Adsense. Just keep a note that they themselves aren’t a Ad Network. Ad Network and Ads Aggregator are both different terms.

Payments : Ezoic pays out their users every month after 25th and latest by 30th. They have just a minimal payment threshold of $20.

Traffic Requirements: You can try Ezoic using their Access now programme without any traffic requirement

Free WordPress Hosting: With Ezoic you get free Shared WordPress Hosting


Monetisemore houses in a extensive 12 years of experience advertising operations, they offer publishers to try their service without any contracts and the best part is you don’t have to transfer your DNS. Like Ezoic, they are too a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Moreover they bring in Cutting-edge technology that has garnered several accolades (IVT tool Traffic was awarded the Google Innovation Award for the second year in a row).

There is the possibility of receiving payments in advance (publishers who meet the requirements can receive their payments up to thirty percent more quickly, within twenty-four to forty-eight hours rather than within forty-five or thirty days after the end of the month). are an MCM channel partner, and the flexible deployments that operate with a combination of the publisher’s demand and our own need, as well as in their or their GAM, are the primary emphasis of our company. They claim to have developed and patented a way to optimising header bidding that does not add any additional delay to hand-built Prebid configurations while still delivering optimizations that are audience-based and global in scope. They adopt a comprehensive approach to increasing publisher income so that it may be used to its full potential, even if this involves increasing money from sources that they do not handle.

In order to provide audience and traffic-based customization without additional requests and latency, optimising the configuration of Prebid and the programmatic stack deployment in general is necessary. This is done to provide an advantage over a hand-crafted Prebid deployment.

We accommodate not only the needs of our customers but also those of ourselves. Either as a platform for managed infrastructure or as a service for managed yield. If the customer activates their own demand, they are paid directly and according to whatever terms they have negotiated with the demand sources. When our demand is used, payment to the customer is made ten days after we have been paid. Although we have a wealth of experience in the gaming industry, that sector is not our primary focus; rather, we provide services to clients in all industries.

Other Ad Networks to try out Google Ad Exchange, Conversant Media, Evolve Media and Taboola

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