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So we recently talked about whether GB WhatsApp, a modified version of the popular chat app WhatsApp, is safe or not. In that article, we also briefly mentioned some of the GB WhatsApp features that might cause people to move to that app instead of the official WhatsApp. Today, we’ll take a look at some more features of the app that make it better than the original WhatsApp according to some people.
Probably the most widely appreciated GB WhatsApp features are the ones that allow you to hide different types of information on your WhatsApp profile activity. With the app, you can hide whether you viewed someone’s status, blue ticks that show if you’ve read a message, second tick that shows that a message was delivered and the status that shows that you’re typing a message.
Apart from that, GB WhatsApp features also include the ability to hide chats or lock them. Better yet, you can even just put a passcode on the app so that no-one can open it without your permission. In response to the question why someone uses the app, someone commented on our Facebook page that they use it because of the privacy settings GB WhatsApp has.

The other big thing that people like about the app is the amount of control it gives them. For example, GB WhatsApp features a wide variety custom themes for the look of the app. You can also change the color of the actual icon of the app and the notification icon. Speaking of control, you have the option to make yourself stay online for a full 24 hours but beware your battery might run out quickly.
Additionally, you can create your own custom theme instead of using the preset ones. If you’d also like to share it with others then you can submit to GB WhatsApp and it might just get added to the list of themes that the app comes with. Other GB WhatsApp features that make a unique experience are the ability to copy other people’s status to your clipboard, no copy of date and name while copying multiple messages.
You can also get an alert if your friend has changed their profile picture or if they’ve gone online. Some might find it a bit creepy but to some, it’s convenient as they won’t have to constantly check when their friend is online in order to have a conversation that might need their full attention.

Most of us just want to do more with the apps that we use and sometimes they just limit us. Using the app, you can not only send more but you can write more also. GB WhatsApp features the ability to send the broadcast message up to 600 people at once and send up to 90 images in one click instead of 30 images.
Other than increased file size limits of videos that you can send, you can also write a status of 255 characters which is more than the official WhatsApp. Group names also have a larger number of characters that they can store. Now, these aren’t all the GB WhatsApp features that are available to people who use the app.
They are just the ones that we’ve seen people mention the most and some say that those features are the ones that got them to use the app. So if your favorite feature isn’t listed, please share in the comments section so that others will know that GB WhatsApp features so much more.
I honestly can’t believe that TechZim is promoting the use of 1) A modded app, 2) Installing apps from unverified sources.
Hi, thanks for your feedback. Sorry you feel that way.
wouldn’t call it “promoting per se” …it’s just commenting on what is already happening, and since it’s tech-related, they haven’t lost their plot.
gbwhatsapp is one of the great application even though not from playstore…….thanks for the review
It’s ok man….they are a tech forum and a Play Store forum…keep em coming Tech Zim, who died and made anyone the keeper of all things Google anyway!!!
Please can you help me with a download link for GB whatsapp
I have been using gb WhatsApp for about a year now. It’s the best thing since bread!
I have been using gb WhatsApp for about a year now. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!
Download link please
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