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Alhaja Kaola Video Viral Scandalized: An embarrassment video became well known on the web. The video was Alhaja Kaola.

This video will shock you once you watched the full video. Alhaji Kafilat Kaola spilled video is moving on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube stages. In the video, you will see that she and a few others treat some terribly things and discussed a questionable point which she grabs a lot of eye particularly, the police.

Now and then, her embarrassment turned out in the video and numerous clients on the web showed an interest in the video to watch Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Online. Follow More Update On

Alhaja Kaola Video Viral

On the web, an embarrassment video became viral. Alhaja Kaola- the Video Name. Whenever you’ve seen the whole film, you’ll be flabbergasted. The spilled film of Alhaji Kafilat Kaola is moving on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. You can see her and a few others doing a few terrible things in the video, as well as discussing a delicate theme that she causes a ton of to notice, in particular the police.

Her outrage was once in a while uncovered in the video, and numerous web clients communicated interest in watching Alhaja Kaola Viral Video Online.

Alhaja Kaola Video Scandal

Allhaja Kafilat Rufai who was a well known Radio moderator has uncovered that her better half Sharafa compels her to tap the nuder photographs of me and transfer them on the web. Each night when he returned to the workplace, he just asks one thing me and that is shouldn’t something be said about’s your bare photographs. Whenever he was in office, he dropped me an instant message which says I need your photographs.

He destroyed my life. I was exceptionally unglued about his awful way of behaving and his terrible demeanor. Some way or another, I handle it yet never gave my naked photographs to him. Since I know the outcomes.

Who Is Alhaja Kaola Biography

Authorities guarantee Allhaja Kaola is blamed for hijacking Maryam Rufai, the spouse of her sister. He functioned as a telecaster for a notable organization. He answers by saying that the allegations you are making against me are generally misleading and totally bogus.

Before you say anything, twofold really look at it. He said that with a scoff. Following her public conflict with her ex, Saheed Shittu and Yahya Gambari offended Alhaja Kaola in their normal design on Your Soul’s Survival. Alhaja Kaola answers by saying, “I send my good tidings to my lesser sibling Saheed Shittu also.” The day preceding Tuesday, February 23, Saheed had jumped on me so strongly. He had a skill for pummeling individuals in the face.

At the point when he sees a more vulnerable individual or somebody who is more fragile than him, he begins insulting and ridiculing them. Without referencing the way that the individual he is endeavoring to debase affronts him harshly.



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