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Freakylinked is a place on Twitter where a lot of OnlyFans virals and leaks are available.

At a social event expected for everybody Thursday, Elon Musk incited a hurricane of wry, perplexed and concerned talk on inside message sheets with his remarks on a couple of subjects, including potential plans for reductions and his method for managing remote work.
Elon Musk, who met directly with Twitter Inc. delegates curiously since denoting a $44 billion plan to obtain the relational association, told staff individuals they shouldn’t worry about changes to their positions once he rules – – as long as their work is “superb,” that is.

At a get-together expected for everybody Thursday, Musk prompted a hurricane of inconsiderate, bewildered and concerned scrutinize on inside message sheets with his remarks on a couple of subjects, including expected plans for reductions and his method for managing remote work. In the two cases, Musk said that delegates would be safeguarded from work cuts and can continue to work from a distance if they are making “extraordinary work.”
“The inclination unquestionably ought to be decidedly towards working eye to eye, but if somebody is unprecedented, remote work can be OK,” said Musk, according to people who went to the social occasion. The head honcho, who is similarly CEO of Tesla Inc., actually mentioned that various agents at the electric-vehicle maker return to the work environment, beginning consternation among Twitter delegates who were offered the chance to work from wherever in 2020 as the pandemic shut down working environments all around the planet.
“Expecting that someone is eminent at what they truly accomplish yet can work from a good ways, to then fire them in spite of the way that they are achieving extraordinary work would be insane,” Musk added. “So I’m unquestionably not for things that are, as, troubled. I’m strong of things that structure the business and further develop it.”
Right when Musk was gotten some data about possible work cuts at Twitter, he didn’t insist a headcount decline was coming, but suggested that the San Francisco-based association necessities to all the more promptly manage costs. Twitter has recently done different cost diminishes, including dropping its reserved all-association retreat at Disneyland in mid 2023.
“The association needs to get strong. Right now the costs outperform the pay so that is certainly not a remarkable situation to be in,” he said. “Any person who looks like obviously a tremendous benefactor should not have anything to worry about,” he added, seeing that he won’t take “exercises which are harming to the strength of the association.”
Musk’s appearance at the social event did hardly anything to placate those stressed that the plan will incite huge uproar at the association. An inward Slack channel provided for discussions about Musk’s comments was by and large overflowing with delegates who were irate with his reactions, with some straightforwardly disparaging the inevitable boss.
Delegates couldn’t help contradicting Musk’s accentuation on workers who are “extraordinary,” according to three people familiar with the correspondences, and a piece of the comments joked about Musk giving uncommon treatment to these laborers.

Friendly update that you can seem 10 minutes late to a social occasion that was accounted for to the world yet be phenomenal,” one delegate made on Slack, implying rudely to Musk’s own delay to the all-hands on Thursday.

Two or three comments were consistent of Musk. One staff part posted that others were choosing to translate Musk’s comments “at all liberal way possible,” but Musk partners were in the minority, said people, who asked not to be recognized discussing inside business.

Musk joined the video get a white customary shirt and had every one of the reserves of being dialing in from his phone. He wandered randomly all through bits of the call – – at one point late in the discussion, he raised outcasts and the “meaning of life,” adding, “I have seen no veritable verification for pariahs.”

Regardless, the conversation started with Musk on message for his group, imparting a “reverence” for Twitter’s organization. The relational association is an uncommon technique for getting his examinations out to everyone, he said, and raised that his tweets alone can make full reports. “Certain people use their hair to put themselves out there. I use Twitter,” he said.

What Musk didn’t raise was a sensible, strong mean to complete the plan. Some at the association acknowledged Musk’s appearance as a positive sign that he intends to fulfill his $54.20 per-share understanding, yet Musk himself has cautioned of late that he could leave the understanding if Twitter doesn’t get different things done to show that its client base is predominantly real people and not bots.

Musk referred to bot and spam accounts on the help at the social event Thursday, saying it was huge for there to be “straightforwardness” on Twitter to gather endow with clients. He prescribed that Twitter could start to check a client’s character through Twitter Blue, the association’s continuous enrollment organization.

The conversation was coordinated by Twitter Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland, who summarized some laborer questions that were submitted a lot early. President Parag Agrawal introduced Musk, in spite of the way that he and other top pioneers like cash manager Ned Segal didn’t talk during the gathering, which happened about 45 minutes, as shown by members.

While it’s totally difficult to know which pioneers could leave once Musk takes command over, the Tesla CEO has made it clear he isn’t happy with Twitter’s continuous organization. Likely that consolidates Agrawal, as well as Twitter’s top legitimate counselor, Vijaya Gadde, whom Musk has examined uninhibitedly for her work in maintaining the association’s procedures around scorn talk and deception.

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