Actress Cherie Gil died at 5 p.m. today Cherie's talent manager and friend Anabelle Rama posted on Instagram. Cherie is 59 years old.


"RIP CHERIE GIL," he said in another Instagram story.

His cousin Sid Lucero confirmed the sad news to GMA. Sid also posted tributes for Cherie on his Instagram. 

No cause of death or other details are available as of the moment, although among the actress' last Facebook posts included a photo of what seemed to be a head that underwent operation and one that had #cancerawareness. 

Last February, Gil debuted her shaved head on a magazine cover to mark her “rebirth.”

In her interview with Mega, Cherie said she had to make sure that her mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are getting the priority. 

“I was getting tired of myself. And I was just so angry and unhappy, so I sold everything and packed up,” she said. 

“I got rid of all the clothes I had that symbolized a past life… I’m completely finding myself and coming to terms with who I really am. 

It’s just great to have this opportunity and to be alive to start over. It’s like a rebirth of sorts,” she added. 

She also revealed that she had therapy and counselling. 

“Years and years of doing that, I learned that it just boils down to doing the hard work on and with yourself by whatever means. what is hair It grows back.

 It is a symbol of my personal growth. When a woman is in trouble, she cuts her hair,” he said.

“Some people say I have a lot of money, but they don't really know anything. I am only human. 

We go down, up and down through the same beads. I won't be surprised if I die poor, but I live life," he added.

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