O John Constantine! Film and television have had a few cracks at you, but none have managed to quite stick the landing.

Instead of trying, Sandman wisely goes with his counterpart Johanna Constantine. 

Originally created as John's ancestor during the French Revolution, this Johanna is a modern-day exorcist and whore. 

He broke up with his last girlfriend because he was "interpreting" Johanna, who dumped him during the month they were together. 

He has beef with the royal family and has an unspecified tragic background. If this is the MCU, I swear we're ready for a spinoff series. Maybe we are.

For example, I would welcome a performance by Johanna Constantine. 

As a former Doctor Who companion, Jenna Coleman is no stranger to saving the world from CGI threats every week.

And she has a fun (and breezy) energy in the role, so let her check it out for an eight-part commitment. 

Time for the Hellblazer show for the ladies. A reblazer, if you will.

Speaking of horny, Johanna and Dream have real chemistry. The vibes are palpable, and in comic book tradition, the two characters are kind of closed.

Coleman and Tom Sturridge get along well. I can hear fanfiction being written as we speak. 

And Dream is in the same place emotionally as Johanna: mistrustful, hiding his exaggerated feelings under a carefree facade and going through a trench coat period. General food for enemy-lovers.

We met Johanna when she was doing a contract exorcism for the Church of England. Finally, scary nonsense is no longer the preserve of Catholics. 

When Henry VIII. raided monasteries, apparently got demons too. 

Johanna's contact thinks a member of the royal family is possessed, and what does that say about her current reputation as a princess with an honest upgrade?

However, if Prince Andrew owned it, that would explain the "I don't sweat" thing better than any other nonsense he pulled. 

When demons sweat, hell becomes too sticky to imagine. "Dream a Little Dream of Me" does a lot to open up Dream, getting him to interact with humans and crows. 

When Johanna ignored his direct order, she was clearly shocked. 

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