Warning about the spotted lanternfly in USA

By David Smith

Aug 15, 2022

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect which is originally from Asiaa.

That lanternfly is decimating forests across the Mid-Atlantic.

The spotted lanternfly feeds plants by sucking out the sap from leaves, trunks or stems.

lanternfly sucks in more sap than it can be handle and excretes most of it.

That excretion, called “honeydew,” can grow mold or attract other insects and it's further damaging the trees.

The bright colors and spots on the wings of the spotted lanternfly are intended to warn off potential predators. 

Because it is an invasive species, there are few natural predators found in the Chesapeake region.

lanternfly is a very dangerous for trees because it's damaging trees very quickly. 

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