Weird Mental age quiz on TikTok, How to Participate

are You Wanna Participate in this  weird Mental Age Quiz on TikTok  ?

TikTok users are looking for out their mental age, with the help of the "Mental Age" quiz, which is the most recent trend to go viral on the platform. 

In the obstacle, a questionnaire calculates the mental age of the test taker, based upon their responses. 

 Most of the mental age TikTok videos begin with the expression, "I'm __, but my mental age is ..." After this, the video cuts to a screenshot of the Mental Age Test rating.

The quiz can be taken on, and requires users to concur or disagree with declarations by choosing "Yes", "No" or "Neither." 

Often, the choices can also be rephrased to "Real", "False" and "Neither.". TikTok's mental age trend was created 9 years ago. 

 According to the main site of the test, the developer had initially presented the mental age test on their individual website in November 2013, after a friend from Japan told them about it.

To take the test, users have to go to, where they will find some standard information about the application and the purpose behind the Japan-made quiz. 

 To begin the test, users require to press the "start" button. 

How to Participate in  Mental age quiz on TikTok

 After this, they are offered statements that need to be reacted to, by picking one of 3 choices - "Yes", "No" and "Neither."

 In many cases, the choices can be rephrased as "Real", "False" and "Neither.". 

Weird Mental age quiz on TikTok

 The quiz requires users to agree or disagree with declarations like "I have my principles", "Tears concern my eyes really often" and more. 

After completing the quiz, the test reveals the mental age of the gamer, which they can then share on TikTok with the hashtag #mentalage.

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