Who Was Suzanne Sevakis?


She had two siblings, Alison and Amy, and a younger sibling Phillip, also called "Stevie.".

Floyd met Sevakis's mom Sandi at church and vowed to wed her and assist raise her children,...

after she suffered terrific loss during a twister in the 1970s, Chipman recalls in Girl in the Picture on Netflix.

At the time, Floyd was passing the alias, Brandon Williams.

In 1975, when Chipman was sentenced to thirty days in prison after composing a bad cheque to purchase diapers, 

she returned house to discover her children and Williams gone. 

Chipman found two of her daughters, Alison and Amy, in the care of a regional church social services group, however Suzanne and Philip remained missing. 

 Suzanne Sevaskis's biological brother remained a missing out on individual till 2019.