What Was Rieko Kodama Cause Of Death? Japanese Game & Sega Developer Dies At 58

What Was Rieko Kodama Cause Of Death? Japanese Game & Sega Developer Dies At 58:- We are shocked and stunned after coming across the death news of Saga developer Rieko Kodama. First of all, who confirmed this news? Many people are looking for the source of information and want to confirm this claim as this news first broke out on social media. Meanwhile, people thought it is just a hoax but after doing a deep study on it we found that Rieko Kodama has passed away. We are feeling unfortunate to address the death news of a young Saga developer. Rieko Kodama was widely popular for her amazing work. Thus this news is giving shocking waves to the people who knew her. What is her cause of death and what was her age at the time of her death? Read further details about Rieko Kodama in the below-given sections. Scroll down the page.

First of all, who shared this news first on social media? As per the reports, the untimely death of Rieko Kodama was initially posted by Nick Thorpe, a Retro Gamer editor. Nick Thorpe used his Twitter handle to pay a tribute to the late Saga developer Rieko Kodama. Nick also credited her for the creation of Mega Drive Mini 2. When Nick paid a tribute to her, people considered her death news as a hoax. But when Saga shared a statement after Nick Thorpe, it confirmed that Mega Drive Mini 2 creator Kodama has departed. Shift to the next section and fetch more about Rieko Kodama.

After the surfacing of Kodama’s death news, Ares Arcadia contacted Saga producer named Yosuke Oskunari to make it confirm. According to the report shared by Saga, developer Rieko Kodama breathed her last breath at the age of 59. Furthermore, she died in the month of May and this news came out in the month of October. The reason for revealing this news after months is reported as the Saga corporation kept her death secret due to her family’s privacy. Scroll down the page and find out if there is any report regarding her cause of death.

We tried a lot, but there is no report available that can reveal the reason behind Kodama’s untimely demise. In addition, her family also has not disclosed her cause of death. We are working on it and will soon provide you with a piece of updated information about it.


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