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Elvis Koku Kwashie was an inquisitive man who made a great deal of commitments to Ghanaian news coverage. Here is a connection to his Wikipedia page and a life story of him.

A Ghanian media character KoKu Kwashie might have hurt or helped many individuals during his lifetime. One thing is sure, in any case: his inheritance will continue endlessly.KoKu Kwashie, who passed on December 28, 2021, was brought into the world on October 8, 1972. Huge number of individuals assembled to both grieve and celebrate his demise.

Elvis Koku Kwashie Biography

Olympio Yao Bonuedie and Mercy Adzo Torkornu-first Bonuedie had a child named Elvis Koku Kwashie. Elvis Presley perceived almost immediately that he had authority and voice capacity.

Cleric Herman High School was Kwashie’s place of graduation. He was a decent understudy who acquired passing marks. He loved sports, particularly football.

Elvis enlisted at the Institute of Journalism in 1995. (GIJ). He got a news coverage recognition from that point, trailed by an authentication in advertising, promoting, and showcasing.Koku concentrated on various regions and finished a few tasks to reinforce his news-casting abilities somewhere in the range of 1997 and 2005. His capacities procured him an endorsement of tribute.

Koku then, at that point, went to various universities both inside and outside of Japan to improve his schooling. He was an individual from Harvard College HRDC Boston and MDT International College in London, among other famous associations.

Kwashie started his expert vocation after it. He worked for Groove FM, NCS, and Metropolitan Insurance Company for a brief time frame.At last, Koku joined Multimedia Group Limited (MGL), where he moved gradually up the positions to General Manager.

Elvis Koku Kwashie Wife

Elvis Koku Kwashie was made due by his significant other Cynthia and their three youngsters, Seyram, Senam, and Sedem.Koku died on December 28, 2021. It was a discouraging piece of information for the whole country.

Koku was confessed to the clinic subsequent to feeling sick, yet his wellbeing deteriorated, and he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit, as indicated by sources (ICU).At the University of Ghana Medical Center, he took his last breath. The MGL bunch paid him a moving respect after his end.

Elvis Koku Kwashie Net Worth

Elvis Koku’s total assets was assessed to be $750,000.Koku was obviously one of the most generously compensated experts in the media business, given his top position and year of involvement.

Notwithstanding the way that Koku never uncovered his monetary subtleties to people in general, Jesus favored him with adequate fortune to help his friends and family and family.



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