Who is Liang Wenbo Arrested: Chinese snooker player Liang Wenbo Arrested

Liang Wenbo Arrested: Why Chinese snooker player Liang Wenbo Arrested?: One more capture insight about a games character is pulling the consideration of everybody. According to the most recent report, Liang Wenbo, a snooker player was fined after he was caught on CCTV hitting and kicking a woman walker in the road in a supported intentional assault.

After his capture news and video surfaced, the netizens begins hoping to be aware of him and his case prior to beginning the subtleties of the case. We should have a short information about him. Liang Wenbo is an expert snooker player who hails from China and is situated in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England at the Oracle Snooker Club. Follow More Update On bharatwanshi.com

Liang Wenbo Arrested
Liang Wenbo Arrested

Liang Wenbo Arrested

Liang, who plays left-gave, has shown up, won in the debut English Open in the year 2016, and won the World Cup for China with partner Ding Junhui. Presently the games star is in the news not as a result of his forthcoming game or any triumphant however because of his attack on a female walker and his terrible activity is caught in a video.

Liang Wenbo Arrested Video

An expert snooker player Liang Wenbo was fined and allowed a year restrictive release for ceaselessly hitting and beating a woman in Sheffield downtown area. On the twentieth of July, 2021, he was caught on CCTV coming up to have a squabble with the woman. In the hate of the attempts of one more man to meddle, Wenbo was seen pulling the woman to the floor and proceeding with his attack.

Wenbo was caught on camera hammering the woman against a divider and hitting her. On the ninth of February 2022, he conceded to the charge, and on Friday, first of April 2022, he was allowed a year local area request and a £1380 fine.

The Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire, Jonathan Wettreich, said: “Wenbo submitted a supported and intentional attack on the woman victim lat around evening time, leaving her in outrageous pain.” That’s what he expressed “The indictment depended on verification. Homegrown maltreatment cases that meet legal models will generally be sought after, this sort of conduct won’t be pardoned, and the CPS will treat such cases with standout reality.”

Liang Wenbo Family

Liang is married to Chen Xuejiao and the pair has one child together. The name of their child is Liang Chen. Wenbo comes up to be a peaceful individual with regards to his own life, as he has not uncovered much about his companion. Because of his private nature, his marriage subtleties to Wenbo are not known. Her better half, on the opposite side, has stayed under the radar and kept away from the media.



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