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Why Justice for Shiva Gurjar is moving; Four individuals have been captured and a minor kept in Naraina, west Delhi, for purportedly killing a 29-year-elderly person after his bike “contacted” one of them, police said.

On Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer Kapil Mishra tweeted that watching the video of Shiva Gurjar’s homicide was agonizing, adding that it had been done with a specific goal in mind, ascribing it to a specific local area. She later expressed, “full examination and equity are significant.”

Police Deputy Commissioner (West) Ghanshyam Bansal said the occurrence is having a common shading given via online entertainment, which is unverified.

“Both the person in question and the culprits have a place with a similar local area. The case was truly explored and every one of the culprits were captured in something like 12 hours after the wrongdoing was perpetrated. The episode ought to be considered an offense for what it is,” the DCP said in a video message.

Delhi Police said that the evening of March 18, a call was gotten from the clinic that 29-year-old Shiva, an occupant of Narayana town, has been brought to the medical clinic in a harmed condition and had characteristics of cut injuries on his body.
In the examination of this case, the police found that the perished alongside his three companions had gone to Narayan’s PVR Complex on March 18 at 9:30 am the place where he got into a battle with individuals working in the paan shop.

A few political pioneers guaranteed that Shiva was brutally killed by individuals from another local area. In any case, the police precluded any local area part of the homicide.

justice for shiva gurjar

Aside from the principle litigant, who is a minor, the names of different respondents are Dharmendra Roy, Sachin Roy, Ramanuj and Vakeel.

The police said that the man in the viral video with the expired isn’t the assailant, however the video has circulated around the web and individuals are running a ‘Equity for Shiva Gurjar’ crusade via virtual entertainment.



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