Who Was Rotimi Akeredolu Is He Dead or Alive? Governor of Ondo State Died

Rotimi Akeredolu Dead Legislative head of Ondo State Death: The passing gossipy tidbits about famous characters are not another thing to hear yet a few fans or adherents immediately come in stunned in the wake of hearing it. Once in a while these sorts of information trouble the country and makes a major issue in the country. One such passing fresh insight about a political character troubled the country however later on, his demise tales were exposed.

According to the reports, the viral prattle which affirmed the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu is dead has been exposed by the controllers of the lead representative. A few web-based entertainment and online reports had attested that Governor Akeredolu was experiencing prostate malignant growth. Follow More Update On bharatwanshi.com

Rotimi Akeredolu Dead or Alive

He had been in a coma in an unfamiliar emergency clinic in the wake of going into a trance like state. Yet, Mr. Richard Olatunde, the Chief Press Secretary, expressed the noise isn’t correct as the Governor was on the first piece of his 2022 yearly take off from and properly advised the State House of Assembly in a letter to the state House Assembly that he would be away for 14 working days dated 23rd of March 2022. The assertion additionally saw that the Governor properly moved capacity to his delegate, Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

After the passing reputed downfall of the Ondo State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the lead representative and his controllers have given a video in which the lead representative was watched moving and singing inside the room. This video exposed the new media reports that attested that the lead representative was hospitalized abroad.

His significant other composed a subtitle close by the video, “That is Baba Aketi, keep partaking in your get-away. What am I hearing? ‘Shitlover’ once more? You will go to inferno.

Governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu Died

Last week, another correspondent stated that the lead representative died in a German emergency clinic. The spouse of the lead representative after the posted the video on her Facebook page, which is as of now circulating around the web, declared that her significant other is by and by holiday. In the video that endured 19 seconds, the lead representative was watched in a room with a man thought to be one of his associates, singing gospel tunes and moving. The date of the video was recorded was not expressed.

Meanwhile, a media source definitively reports Governor Akeredolu himself has returned to Nigeria. He arrived at the International wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria at around 10:35 PM on Sunday, seventeenth of April 2022. A video of his appearance was shared on Twitter by his Chief Press Secretary, Olatunde Richard, and retweeted by the handle of the Governor.



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