Why Is Matt Barnes Against Trans Women Playing In WNBA? NBA Champion Explained!

Why Is Matt Barnes Against Trans Women Playing In WNBA? NBA Champion Explained!:- Matt Barnes is recently going viral on the internet and social media platforms because of one of his statements. Whatever, Matt Barnes had said in his statement it seemed that he does not wish for transgender players to play in the game of basketball. However, Matt Barnes also explained why he goes against transgender players playing in the WNBA, but still, there are a lot of people, netizens, and the authority of the WNBA who are not satisfied with his explanation. After the statement of Matt Barnes has been on social media platforms, it is being said that he is going to face a lot of fallout in the whole country.

Recently, Matt Barnes’s interview was taken. He was asked a lot of questions, but one question has made him put in big trouble. The actual matter is that Matt Barnes was asked by the interviewer what Matt Barnes thinks about transgender women taking their participation in the WNBA. However, a lot of people and people related to the basketball authority have expressed their views of transgender players playing in the WNBA, but the views of Matt Barnes are going viral on the internet, and social media platforms.

Matt Barnes expressed his objection to transgender women to be playing in the WNBA. And Matt Barnes has said that he does not want transgender female players to play in the WNBA. He says that they should do their participate in women’s sports, then they could have been born as women, but they are none. After the interview of Matt Barnes was shared on social media platforms and the internet, most of the netizens are reacting negatively to the words he used.

Matt Barnes is a former player of the National Basketball Association. He is a former professional basketball player from the United States of America. Matt Barnes had played for 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association. From the Memphis Grizzlies, Matt Barnes had been drafted in the second round of the 2002 National Basketball Association. Currently, Matt Barnes has been working as a basketball analyst for ESPN. Even Matt Barnes is also working for NBC Sports California for the games of the Sacramento Kings. Talking about the personal life of Matt Barnes, we can say that Matt Barnes had got to marry Gloria Govan, but they both took divorced in 2014. Stay tuned to the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on such news.


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